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We’re better together

We’re better together

Building a premier workplace through diversity, equity and inclusion

Thank you for your interest in employment with Indiana University Health. Our statewide health system is made up of talented amazing individuals who share a commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare to patients and families across Indiana and beyond. 

We believe it’s the power of our different voices and perspectives that contributes to our ability to improve the health of our communities and provide meaningful career opportunities. We connect dots between amazing people and their backgrounds to solve complex problems with excellence. We know that prioritizing workplace diversity at all levels of our organization supports trust of our team members, increases patient choice and satisfaction, reduces healthcare disparities, and improves community engagement. Put simply, our unique differences and diverse backgrounds make us better.

IU Health is actively integrating, embedding and infusing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in every strategy that impacts what matters most to current team members, future team members, patients, families and community partners.  By listening, learning and acting, we’re engaged in meeting key interpersonal, institutional and societal commitments. (See our DEI website for more detail on our focus areas and commitments.)

Efforts to make IU Health a more inclusive workplace are put into practice daily. There are people at all levels of our organization who are cultivating an environment driven by our values of purpose, excellence, team and compassion. IU Health strives to be a place that consistently and intentionally gathers talented people from all walks of life to deliver on our promise of the best care designed for each individual patient. 

Everyone deserves a great work environment. It’s our goal that as you explore career opportunities, you will find evidence of that here at IU Health. Best of luck in your job search!

Lisa Gutierrez
Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

DEI: What it means at IU Health

Diversity is the mix of different backgrounds and experiences. It consists of all the dimensions and various identities represented and expressed at IU Health that make us unique, either in visible or less visible ways. Inclusion ensures the thoughts, ideas and perspectives of all are invited and heard. Equity addresses biases and injustice and is viewed as the process to constantly and consistently recognize and redistribute power, privilege and influence. At IU Health, we also focus on health equity where we have a big commitment to deliver on equitable patient access, experiences, and ourcomes for all of our patients and the communities we serves.

Our guiding principles

  1. We seek to understand our team members and patients through their cultural lenses.
  2. We communicate our successes, failures and progress while committing to continuous improvement.
  3. We act by addressing the underlying social determinants of health helping to make Indiana one of the healthiest states.
  4. We lead creating structures and strategies to equip our leaders with the ability to guide a diverse team, data to make decisions and empowerment to help embed a culture of equity and inclusion into the IU Health system. 
  5. We deliver on our promise to ensure care is equitable, because every patient deserves the same access, treatment and outcomes of care.
  6. We are accountable setting clear expectations about the community we are striving to create, holding all people to those expectations equally.

DEI focus areas: Our commitment to team members and the community

We work to ensure our health system fosters an environment in which differences are respected and valued. We have committed ourselves and our resources to advance a culture in which all people can come together to equitably improve the health of all Hoosiers. 

Our diversity, equity and inclusion commitments to our team members, patients and the community:

Interpersonal: Ensuring trust and equity in our care

  • We commit to enhancing a culture of inclusion that seeks, welcomes and values all people. We are addressing and reducing discrimination and bias among team members, patients and guests.

Institutional: Fostering a diverse workforce and inclusive culture

  • We are transforming our organization through an active review of policies, actions and procedures, and promoting a diverse, equitable and anti-discriminatory organization.

Societal: Advancing equity in the communities we serve

  • We commit to building meaningful and sustained partnerships that promote healthcare equity, reduce healthcare disparities, improve social factors and build inclusive communities.

IU Health leaders promote DEI

Our leaders help promote and sustain DEI practices, enabling IU Health to:

  • Position our organization as the workplace of choice for people of all backgrounds through all levels of the system.

  • Deliver an exceptional experience for all patients and promote services reflecting the evolving needs of current and future patients, especially emerging markets in Indiana.

  • Strengthen the health and vitality of underrepresented communities through our philanthropy, population health, community outreach and racial justice initiatives. 

Our commitment to team members

IU Health delivers excellence and innovation by fostering a diverse workforce and an equitable, inclusive environment in which all our team members are valued, feel a sense of belonging, are able to bring their differences to work each day and contribute their personal best to ensure quality care for the communities we serve. 

In addition, the IU Health Diversity & Inclusion Council is a group of statewide DEI ambassadors that helps raise awareness of diversity issues and offers input to senior leaders. The council provides a way to listen to different team member voices delivering on our system-wide diversity and inclusion strategies. 

Learn about our Team Member Resource Network

We’re committed to offering IU Health team members ways to connect with colleagues with similar backgrounds, perspectives and interests. 

Minority Affinity Group – The IU Health Minority Affinity group provides a space for ethnic minority team members at IU Health to connect, share experiences and provide insight to the organization.

Women’s Initiative (WIN) – WIN is a community that supports and advocates for women at IU Health.

Pride – The IU Health statewide Pride affinity group provides a forum for LGBTQ+ individuals, along with friends and allies, to come together and discuss career-related opportunities and participate in community programs and Pride events.

Young Professionals – The IU Health Young Professionals group provides opportunities for young professionals to connect and grow.

For more detail on IU Health’s affinity groups, visit Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


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With a continued commitment and a bold approach to diversity and inclusion, IU Health is the place where many voices and perspectives come together to improve the health of our communities. Join the team that’s working to equitably improve the health of all Hoosiers. Search careers and apply today!